Pick of the Week – Moon Knight #1

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I’ve grown into a Moon Knight fan over the years, but with Bendis and Maleev on this new series I have a feeling I’m about to become a die-hard one.  I enjoy Bendis’s writing and Maleev’s art is amazing.  Moon Knight #1 is an easy top pick this week.

  1. Moon Knight #1 – See above
  2. Abyss: Family Values #3 and Heroes for Hire #6 – I put these two books in the #2 spot for the same reason, they’re fun.  These are prime examples of comics you pick up, read and enjoy.  Abyss has so many small jokes you wind up dragging your eyes over the page to catch them all.  Heroes for Hire has a great feel of a 70’s exploitation movie.  Both are comics I know when I’m done, I have a smile on my face.
  3. Jennifer Blood #3 – While the above two comics are examples of fun, this one is that great revenge flick done comic book style.  You could easily see this being an early Segal movie like Marked for Death.  Fun for all the wrong reasons.
  4. Mouse Guard: Black Axe #2 – A beautiful all ages kids book.  I’m still relatively new to the Mouse Guard world but David Peterson’s work is amazing.
  5. “X” Books – Uncanny X-Force and Schism this week.  There’s some big shake ups on the horizon for the “X” line and I can’t wait.
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