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Graphic Journos Launches

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Journalists using graphic story telling is nothing new (think political cartoons), but it does seem like it’s becoming a hotter way of doing it.  With that being said Graphic Journos has launched bringing together a site to showcase some of the hottest journalists doing this sort of story telling.  According to Dan Archer (one of those involved) the site is a:

…a showcase/forum/sounding board for drawn journalistic pieces featuring a handful of up and coming journalists…

From the about on the website

We believe that this type of storytelling is an incredibly powerful and woefully untapped kind of communication worthy of broader recognition. As journalism struggles to find its way with new technology and economic constraints, we are adamant that things don’t need to be as they always have been. If there were ever a time for new narrative forms, now is it.

Readers are bombarded with more information than ever before, but art has a unique power to make those readers stop instead of flipping the page or clicking away. This kind of work is consistently popular, and yet it is all too rare. In the transition from print to the web, original art has been all but lost.

So, listen: that “Joe Sacco thing” isn’t a novel gimmick. Graphic reportage is a fast-growing medium that is being drawn to its full potential by an expanding range of talents with unique approaches and skill sets. We are just some of them.

We plan to use this space to promote not only our own work but also that of other talented visual communicators, as well as spread the good word of fact-based graphic narrative and help interested editors and creative directors to do this stuff right (and often!).

Taking part in the website are:

Dan Archer. Knight Fellow 2010-2011 at Stanford University. Published at Alternet, the Huffington Post and others.

Susie Cagle. Columbia Journalism School graduate and former words-only reporter. Published at the Awl, Campus Progress, the Rumpus, the Bay Citizen and others.

Sarah Glidden. Recently published the travelogue How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, Vertigo. Published at Cartoon Movement.

Wendy MacNaughton. Recent winner of an Awesome Grant! (Yes, that’s really the name.) Published at Pop-Up Magazine, GOOD, The Rumpus, Longshot Magazine and others.

Jen Sorensen. Cartoonist of the beloved, long-running editorial strip Slowpoke. Published at the Oregonian, Bitch and others.

Congrats and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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