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I decided to hit up a Borders sale last night, it was a bit difficult to pass up books at 50% off.  So, I took a shot and checked out some new series I’ve never read.  But, for the most part the place has been gutted.  Get there quick and take advantage.  Hopefully Borders decides to use the money to pay back it’s suppliers…. if nothing else I have some new cheap reads.

Around the Blogs:

The Independent – Asterix creator embroiled in family feud after sacking daughter – This is why you shouldn’t work with family.

BBC – Yuri Gagarin comic dubbed ‘propaganda’ – As opposed to everything else in Russia?

Bleeding Cool – Disney Have Ditched The Next Film From Tron: Legacy’s Director – Wasn’t there a Radical tie-in too?

Bleeding Cool – Christopher Nolan On Board To Reboot Batman, Batman To Appear In Justice League Movie – Is it now going to be three movies then a reboot? Is it that difficult to come up with an original plot?

Around the Tubes Reviews:

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