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Afghan Kids Are Using Comics to Learn

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More than 250 children were handed comic books by Urgun District deputy director of education Mohammad Aziz.  The Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team provided the comic books to Aziz.  The comics where given to the students of Abu Herera School in Balish Kalay and Khullafai Rashedeen Primary School in Ali Haydar, Afghanistan, on their first day at school after winter break.

U.S. Army Capt. Mike Butler, Paktika PRT Urgun civil affairs officer from Chicago works closely with Aziz in helping improve education in the area.  According to Butler:

The purpose of the six books in the [rule of law] comic series is to promote greater public awareness of constitutional issues, the rights of Afghan citizens, and legal reform in Afghanistan.

The stories in the comic focus on child labor, women’s rights, obedience, corruption and the Afghan Constitution.  The children took turns reading from the comic books in the classroom when they received them.

Right now extra attention is being spent to make sure young women are being educated in hopes it’ll inspire the next generation of women.  Right now the focus is on building infrastructure to make this happen.  When the children asked what they wanted to be when they grew up they responded doctors, engineers and teachers.  One even asked for computers.