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Around the Tubes

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It’s the weekend! I also have a headache, it’s not due to a crazy night out, it’s from the incessant playing of Rebecca Black’s damn Friday song. Seriously, it needs to be outlawed and it’s now officially the new Rick Roll. Here’s all the comic news that I found interesting in the last 24 hours.

Around the Blogs:

Lifehacker – A Comic Book Lover’s Guide to Going DigitalA good introduction.  It’d be nice to see more debates about consumer’s rights and ownership when it comes to digital comics.

Comic Book Resources – Wowio relaunches Spacedog as digital graphic novel imprintUm, k.

Arts Beat – Graphic Books Best Sellers: Dead (Again) Robin?Always interesting to see what the general public buys.

Bleeding Cool – Fundraising For Japan All Over The World Go and give now.

ICv2 – Can Anti-Piracy Enforcement Work?The shorter answer is no.

The Beat – Dude spends his free time making beautiful images of KandorI want, I want, I want.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Graphic Novel News – Astro City Vol. 1: Life in the Big City

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