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Review – The Order of Dagonet #1

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The Order of Dagonet #1The Order of Dagonet came to me through a friend of mine and some chatting back and forth online.  I have all four issues sitting on my iPad but so far have just made it through the first.  It’s a bit difficult to describe what the series is, but seems to have its roots in D&D and some influences through other fantasy like Arthurian Legend.

The series sees a Britain besieged by mystical creatures who’ve decided to take back the land after some trees are disturbed.  To her Majesty’s protection is a bunch of artists who make up The Order of Dagonet.

The characters are really entertaining with some really funny moments throughout.  The team that’s tasked with saving Britain includes a washed up gay actor, an Ozzy Osbourne like rocker and a writer who might be influenced be a certain one who’s tied to a specific boy wizard.  These three must save their country from mystical creatures.

There’s a great feel to it, as though I’m reading an illustrated Dungeons and Dragons adventure set in modern times.  There’s some fantastic humor throughout the book with a cheeky sense to it.  These mystical creatures are set loose on a modern world and have a lot of fun playing their various roles.

I think my only issue is the reaction to it all.  All hell has broken loose, and I don’t quite get a sense of dread from the people, instead it’s almost as if everyone things it’s a joke going on.  That’s not horrible at all, but it did nag at me a bit as I read it.

If you’re interested in checking out a new independent book or in general are nostalgic for your days chucking dice, definitely check out The Order of Dagonet.

Plot: Written by Jeremy Whitley the series could have taken a few different tones.  There could have been the serious swash buckling and dungeon crawl feel to it.  Or the way it goes is a fun, almost tongue in cheek feel to it.  Its Britain after all and there’s a lot of influence here to its literary history.  It’s funny and fun at the same time.  Rating: 7.5

Art: I’m not quite sure how to describe Jason Stutz’s style.  It’s almost like it was done with colored pencils.  The look is very cool and very unique and one I’d definitely like to see more of.  Rating: 7.75

Overall: The issue is fun and a bit different.  It’s nice to check out a new independent series from a studio you haven’t heard from before.  I have three more issues to go, so hopefully they’re just as solid as this one.  Overall rating: 7.5

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 22 pages    Price: $4     Release: Out Now

Firetower Studios provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.