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Red 5 Comics Reinvents Golden Age “Moon Girl”

Official Press Release

Red 5 Comics Reinvents Golden Age “Moon Girl”

New Series Begins in April, Previewed on Free comic Book day

This April, Red 5 Comics brings to print and comic shops a minio-series that reboots and re-imagines the Golden Age comic character, Moon Girl.  The publisher known for high-quality entertaining titles, like Eisner-nominated “Atomic Robo”, will preview “Moon Girl” in its annual Free Comic Book Day issue.

In a series described as “The Dark Knight meets Mad Men”, Moon Girl (Clare Lune) is a former Russian Princess who championed counter-culture and social revolution in the 1940’s.  Now, in 1950’s New York, she looks to settle into a quieter life only to find her adventures have inspired a new generation of fanatics who enforce their own brand of justice and social upheaval.

Series writers Tony Trov and Johnny Zito are best known for their Zuda content-winning and Harvey-nominated series, “The Black Cherry Bombshells”.  Trov and Zito thrive on strong female characters and high-concept adventure.  They connected online with a reclusive and bearded artist who goes by his internet handle, The Rahzzah, to bring a stunning painted look to the series that is at once both lifelike and entirely fantastical.

“Champion of the counter culture, Moon Girl represents a movement of young people fed up with the corporatism and conformity of post World War II opulence.  The urban legends of Moon Girl inspire the ‘Super Manifesto’ — a post-human gospel,” Trov explains.  “Extremists turn to violence and terror, expecting to shock the system into change.  Only Moon Girl stands between them and us, anarchy and order.”

Moon Girl was originally created by Gardner Fox for E.C. Comics in the 1940’s, starring in three titles and credited with shaping E.C.’s sci-fi and horror direction.  Trov told Comic Pop Matters that the original Moon Girl “dealt with really interesting themes about identity, ideology and post-war society.  So we’re toying with political unrest and psychoanalytic discoveries from then to talk about now.”

As red 5 Comics is an independent publisher, the only way to ensure your copy of MOON Girl #1 is to pre-order from your local comic shop during the month of February using Diamond order code FEB111132.