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Mark Millar Talks Digital Downloads, We Say, You’re Doing it Wrong

Mark Millar

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Over at his Millarworld website, Mark Millar has been discussing the breakdown of digital sales, mentioning it’s not quite as lucrative as you’d think.  His breakdown of sales goes as this:

1/ Apple take 30% right off the bat.
2/ In the case of Wanted, Comixology then splits 50/50 with the publisher.
3/ Then the publisher pays the agent and creative team out of the remaining cash depending on their deal.

But, to this we’re going to say “you’re doing it wrong!”  Massive Sqwertz shows how this is just a bad business model and there’s very simple set ups a comic book creator can do to to make a “do it yourself” digital service.

On top of that, you’re able to gather the data the buyers give when purchasing your items allowing you the company or creator to properly follow up with upsells.  It’s a crazy concept I know, but it works for political fundraising.  You don’t see us using iTunes to move items, there’s numerous options.

It’s the publishers that Millar should be directing his questions towards.  That’s a shitty deal he describes, and the publishers should be leveraging better deals with the digital services.  In fact the companies themselves should be selling items without iTunes or the various other apps as middle men instead pushing for a common standard for digital comics to be used by all companies.

This would force those digital readers to focus on the experience and finding another way to make money other than on the backs of the talent.

Congrats, I just saved you 65% of the money that shouldn’t be given up in the first place and you’ve now gained invaluable data as to actual sales and more importantly, who’s purchasing.  You’re welcome, I’ll expect my thank you checks in the mail.

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