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Review – Orpheus

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OrpheusI got a very early look at Orpheus from Viper Comics and I’m so glad I did.  The story is one of love and doing everything you can do to get back to that love.  The story’s familiar and involves an escape artist who must escape death after a trick goes wrong.

For years Orpheus, the world’s greatest escape artists, has defied the odds, wowed audiences and challenged Death.  Now, during his final performance Death has accepted that challenge.  If Orpheus is to perform his greatest escape ever, he will have to question everything he knows, and pay a price even greater than he could have imagined.

Written by Dale Mettam with art by Sallamari Rantala Orpheus is part who-dunnit mixed with a familiar cheating death story.  It’s pretty predictable, but somehow still touching and just haunting.  A lot of that is due to Rantala’s art.  It’s somewhat anime but mix in water color all in black and white.  It’s beautiful with an art house feel.

Orpheus is a beautiful tale about fighting fate and death to return to the one you love.  Unfortunately, such tales don’t always end happily and Orpheus learns the hard way that even in triumph tragedy can strike.  A touching story with fantastic and haunting art.

Plot: Mettam’s story is haunting and sad and fits the season in having you reflect on the loves of your life and what you’d do to fight to get back to them, even if that obstacle was Death.  It’s very familiar territory, but done solidly.  I got an emotional reaction from it, and that’s always a good sign.  Rating: 8.25

Art: Rantala’s art is fantastic.  I just don’t know how to quite describe it, but it’s just so solid.  Beautiful and haunting, just like the story.  This is a mature title and there’s a bit of nudity but Rantala keeps it tasteful throughout.  The world it’s set in feels old with small details that make it modern, much like the story.  Perfect fit.  Rating: 8.75

Overall: I may be getting sappy since it’s the holiday season, but I definitely had an emotional reaction and had to take a deep breath after.  It’s a beautifully drawn comic book that fits the story.  Another solid entry from Viper Comics.  Overall rating: 8.5

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 74 pages    Price: $7.95     Release: December

Viper Comics provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.