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Review – Rest

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Rest Volume 1 Trade Paperback CoverThere’s so much I enjoyed about Rest, but a lot I had trouble with as well.  Written by Mark Powers with art by Shawn McManus, Marco Castiello and Abhishek Malsuni the story is about an experimental drug that causes it’s user to no longer need to sleep.  The idea of a society that runs 24/7 intrigues me, and I hoped that’s what this series would explore.  That’s also its biggest let down.  While some of the implications are mentioned (the increased need for resources, but also increased output) that’s it, they’re mentioned.  There’s no debate at all as to whether this would benefit society.

The long awaited collection produced by Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia and DiVide Pictures with story by Mike O’Sullivan arrives! John Barrett is a man going nowhere. In his late 20′s, he’s stuck in a dead-end job with no friends and no future. When his best friend from college mysteriously resurfaces with news of a new wonder drug that replaces sleep, John falls into a conspiracy that threatens to change the course of human history! Written by Mark Powers (GI Joe), art by Shawn McManus (Sandman) and Marco Castiello (Witchblade) and covers by the industry’s hottest talents including Tim Sale (Heroes), Phil Jimenez (Amazing Spider-man) and others.This volume collects Rest #0-5 along with a cover gallery, behind-the-scenes commentary and sketches, and much more!

Instead we’re left with a cheesy corporate thriller.  A man takes the drug, possible other corporations are out to get it out of his system.  The failed previous experiments and that cover up.  That’s what we’re left with.  There’s so much promise in the first half, but the second feels like a bad action movie.  Of course there are the people against the release of the drug to society for their not quite convincing reasons, and a brief hint as to what we’d expect if the drug did make it into the world.  But it’s all barely touched upon.  We could have had an amazing commentary on corporate greed or corporations playing god.  But instead, the series comes off as a toe-bit “B” grade action movie.

So much potential that’s never reached and that’s the disappointment.  The series is entertaining enough and it’s absolutely unique, but it’s potential that’s never quite reached.  If you’re looking for a unique comic, it’s worth it, but I can’t quite give it my enthusiastic recommendation.

Plot: Powers puts together an interesting and pretty unique tale.  But the problem is the comic comes off as two stories mashed together.  And it’s two different stories that shouldn’t go together.  One is about corporate greed and manipulation and the other is a cheesy action movie.  Both work, but they don’t work together.  That’s the biggest issue with this series.  The first half sets up so much, but the second doesn’t ever quite deliver.  Rating: 7.25

Art: Three artists pull duty for this one and it works.  I never quite got a jarring change in styles, but I also didn’t go through it looking for that.  Yes there are subtle differences noticeable once I went back to really check it out, but it’s never to a point it’s distracting.  It’s not art that’ll make you rush out for more but it does a solid job that keeps the story flowing.  Rating: 7.25

Overall: As I said, there’s a lot I liked and a lot I didn’t.  This feels like two stories mashed together and it doesn’t quite work because of that.  Much like the drug it revolves around the story has so much potential, but never quite makes it to production.  Overall rating: 7.25

Recommendation: Read

Page count: 144 pages    Price: $14.99    Release Date: Out Now

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