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Review – Magdalena #4

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Magdalena #4 COVA_stampedIf the third issue of Magdalena was that moment where Patience is tested in how far she’ll go to defeat evil, this fourth issue is the moment where the hero stocks up with weapons and straps on their armor before going out to confront the bad guy.

Ron Marz is putting together an action movie in comic book form.  We’ve seen the story arc we would expect, we meet the main players, the hero is tested, then the hero gets the cool montage where they prepare and gear up and even as far as the initial confrontation.  But damn it’s entertaining.

We get a mix of religion, action, demons, some great action, it’s all there.

Patience, the latest in a long line of The Magdalena, bearer of the Spear of Destiny, and Kristof, her mentor and Knight of Malta, continue to race around Europe hunting a demonic cult intent on bringing about the era of the Anti-Christ. With Patience doubting whether she will be able to fulfill her duty or not, the Church moves to ensure that their servant will do its will… even if that servant is not Patience.

We’re four issues in and it’s definitely entertaining.  There’s been some cool scenes and this issue definitely has ones I wasn’t expecting, especially towards the end.  The good thing is while this may seem familiar, Marz keeps us on our toes.

I’m looking for entertainment and escape and times and this comic delivers.

Plot: Marz is hitting the story build we’d expect as described above.  We’ve got an action movie, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for here.  While I’d love to see more debate about the Church, I’m sure that’s coming down the pipeline.  Right now this is about showing Patience and what she’s capable of, this is her story and her trial, and I for one am enjoying the ride.  Rating: 8

Art: Nelson Blake II has the mix down of cool action scenes that give enough, but not too much detail.  He has a style that’s distinctively his and it’s a very good fit for this series.  You can tell Marz has a vision for what he wants and Blake is connected with it.  Rating: 8

Overall: This is an action movie in comic form.  It’s not about deep character development or lots of philosophical debate, it’s about kicking ass with witty banter.  Sometimes that’s all we need, and this series is pulling that off well.  It’s one I’m consistently entertained by.  Overall rating: 8

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $3.99    Release Date: 11/24/2010

Top Cow provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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