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Preview – Magdalena #4

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Magdalena #4

(W) Ron Marz  (A) Nelson Blake II  (Cov) Ryan Sook

Patience, the latest in a long line of The Magdalena, bearer of the Spear of Destiny, and Kristof, her mentor and Knight of Malta, continue to race around Europe hunting a demonic cult intent on bringing about the era of the Anti-Christ. With Patience doubting whether she will be able to fulfill her duty or not, the Church moves to ensure that their servant will do its will… even if that servant is not Patience.

32 Pages   Full Color   On-going   $3.99

Magdalena #4 COVA_stampedMagdalena #4 int_stamped_pg01Magdalena #4 int_stamped_pg02Magdalena #4 int_stamped_pg03Magdalena #4 int_stamped_pg04

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