Film Deal for Clowes’ WILSON! Fox Searchlight, Alexander Payne! On Sale!

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As announced yesterday on, WILSON, Daniel Clowes’ critically acclaimed and New York Times bestselling original graphic novel, has secured a film deal at Fox Searchlight with Alexander Payne attached, for more information read the complete story here. To celebrate the news, which is D+Q’s first book in its 20 year history to go into development, WILSON is on sale for 30% off at Drawn & Quarterly!

If this doesn’t convince you to pick up the book, check out what the critics have to say:

“Though we may all have favorite Clowes creations, from the dim superhero auteur Dan Pussey to the disaffected adolescents Enid and Rebecca of Ghost World, the Wilson of Wilson vies with his past triumphs and takes a bold leap beyond them.”–Sam Lipsyte, THE NEW YORK TIMES

“In this darkly hilarious story of death, prostitution, and kidnapping, the Ghost World cartoonist dissects the pathetic life of an all-American asshole using a series of expertly crafted one-page comic strips.”–Timothy Hodler, DETAILS

“Funny, touching, absurd and dramatic, Clowes’ tale of the life of Wilson is a triumph.”–Richard Pachter, MIAMI HERALD

“This is a book about life’s passages and disappointments, and will be most appreciated by those who know something of quiet desperation.”–Michael Dirda, WASHINGTON POST

“Daniel Clowes’s Wilson is a loser, a bully and a world-class blabbermouth. He’s also unforgettable.”–Brad Mackay, THE GLOBE & MAIL

“Clowes gives us ample reasons to delve into his newest graphic novel: incisive dialogue, subtle commentary on social ills and a true flair for comic book style storytelling.”–Robert Pincus, SAN DIEGO TRIBUNE

“{WILSON} deftly portray{s} death and parenthood without sentiment or schmaltz.”–Jason Chen, GQ

“{WILSON} is a breath of fresh bitterness.”–Scott Timberg, LOS ANGELES TIMES

“Clowes wants to immortalise the brief candles of humankind. While Wilson’s statements may be mono-dimensional, Clowes counterpoints them and gives them nuance through the visual details.”–Michael Faber, THE GUARDIAN, UK

“To read Wilson is to grapple with some bleak truths about ourselves. We are self-involved, ungenerous, even cruel. And in creating this mordant portrait of a jerk in full flower, Clowes reminds us that we are something else, as well: laughable. Lord keep Daniel Clowes safe, and making comics, and far from Zoloft.”–Glen Weldon, NPR

“Deceptively simple yet always poignant, the images never fail to captivate, pulling us into a world in which we glimpse the starkness and beauty of everyday life.”–John McMurtie, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

“WILSON is as funny and trenchant as anything else {Clowes has} worked on, and just as brutal.”–Sam Thielman, NEWSDAY

“Clowes’s visual finesse makes a terrific backdrop for Wilson’s uncomfortably familiar face.”–Max Winter, BOSTON GLOBE

“Wilson is a sharp strike right to the sweet spot of the brain where great comics are enjoyed.”–Tom Spurgeon, COMICS REPORTER

“Clowes (Ghost World) takes his particular brand of misanthropic misery to new levels of brilliance in this book… another beautifully drawn slice of piercing social commentary.”–PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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