Review: Women of Marvel #1

Women of Marvel

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I’ll give Marvel credit, they keep trying to make comics for women/girls. The problem is, they keep getting it wrong.

Apparently, Women of Marvel #1 is a collection of three digital comics that I missed and this is the first time they’ve seen print the old-fashioned paper way. The problem with this book isn’t that it’s bad, it’s not, it’s that it doesn’t include enough female talent in creating the book (of the three writers and three artists, a grand total of two are women) and that it engages in a number of stereotypical “women in comics” tropes and stereotypical comments about women in general.

The first story is the best of the three, it features Medusa, Crystal and several other of the Inhumans playing a game to try and figure out who is the most clever. Not to spoil it too much, but the queen is the most clever of the group. The Inhumans in the story, though, are all children in this story. And the smartest and most powerful of the Inhumans — Blackbolt — is missing from the story. We already know Medusa is one of the stronger Inhumans and if the point of the story is to make us realize how much more clever she is than her fellow Inhumans, it somewhat diminishes the point by leaving out the toughest challenger.

Story number two presents us with a near-literal catfight between Satana and Black Cat in typical comic book heroine bondage gear that would do Emma Frost proud. There are more boobs in this story than in the Kentucky congressional delegation. The art is fine other than the fact that it’s aimed at the Betty Page fanclub. The worst moment of the book is at the end, when, after finally teaming up with Satana to prevent a demon from escaping hell and rampaging earth, Black Cat’s only compliment for Satana is that she has nice shoes. Really.

The last story is the most pointless, as it tells the story of a bellhop at a hotel who falls in love, not surprisingly, with the Enchantress. In the end, the bell-hop realizes that the only reason that he ever loved her was that her powers made him fall for her. He doesn’t care, though, because, and I’m not making this up, at least he got to talk to a hot chick. Okay, he doesn’t quite word it that way, he says he briefly got the attention of a goddess. A goddess who happens to be a hot chick.

Plot: The first story is pretty clever, if not outstanding, and it’s the best of the three. The last story is very, very dull. Rating: 4

Art: Other than the aforementioned objectification of women in the second story and on the cover, the rest of the art is pretty good. Rating: 8

Overall: 6

Recommendation: If you are a fan of Medusa, the Inhumans, Black Cat or Satana, I’d suggest buying this one. If not, I’d skip it.