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Review – American Terror: Confession of a Human Smart Bomb Volume Two

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American Terror Confession of a Human Smart Bomb Volume TwoWe praised the first volume, and the second volume is just as good.  American Terror: Confession of a Human Smart Bomb Volume One is one of the great finds from this year’s Baltimore Comic Con.  So much so, I’m pissed I didn’t have volume three on hand for me to read immediately.  Written and illustrated by Jeff McComsey this second volume picks up where the first left off with the confession on how the third world war started.

There’s just so much here that I loved.  Topical, check.  Great art, check.  Fantastic and engaging characters and story, check and check.  Did the 10’s we gave the first one not get you interested?

Check out below for what we rated this one.  Here’s a hint, it’s similar to the first round of ratings.

Plot: McComsey continues his awesome tale of a band of mercenaries who aren’t too happy about the state of corporate private armies and the coming corporate nation state.  Again, topical, told really well, so unbelievably entertaining.  This is just so good on so many levels.  Rating: 10

Art: Again McComsey does double duty by writing and illustrating this series.  The art is top notch and matches the writing perfectly.  It’s just so good and a style I’m a huge fan of.  Rating: 10

Overall: Ok, that’s two 10’s in a row.  Does that get your interest piqued?  This is a great series and the worst part of it is I didn’t have volume three to read right away.  Do yourself a favor and get both of these now.  Rating: 10

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 80 pages    Price: $7.95    Release Date: Out now