Muslims Get A New Super Hero

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Wow, Muslim super heroes are really in the news lately.  It’s almost as if the large bigoted masses are using those that practice this religion as an easy target to beat up on while they attempt to forget about their ruined lives.  But, we’ve got some good news here when it comes to super heroes and Muslims.

U.S. philanthropist and businessman Jay Snyder flew 12 disabled Americans to Damascus, Syria, to meet a group of disabled young Syrians, and one of their goals was to come up with story lines for the new superhero.

The creation is thanks to the Open Hands Initiative.  So far early sketches indicated the character has no logs having lost them due to a landmine.  His superhero name is Silver Scorpion.

Liquid Comics will be publishing the comic books on this Muslim superhero this November. The publication house has plans of launching the book in both Arabic and English languages.

Initially, 50,000 Arabic-language comics will be distributed throughout Syria, and subsequent issues will be distributed elsewhere in the Middle East.
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