Maryland Democrat Attacks Comic Books

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State Senator Nancy KingWell, it’s campaign season and the pandering is in full force.  But in a flashback to the 1950’s, Maryland State Senator Nancy King, who’s running for reelection, is using comic books as she fear mongers about cuts to education (and let me be clear we’re not for that).

In a piece of campaign literature the slogan reads “Imagine if they had to lay off teachers…” with a photo of children reading comic books.  Implying comics don’t provide any educational value whatsoever.  I’m pretty sure there are quite a few individuals that would disagree with her.

We’ve covered how comic books can boost literacy, being used to teach science, they’re flourishing in education use in Korea and can be used to motivate students.  Interestingly enough Maryland has ranked number one two years in a row when it comes to a quality education.

Nancy King Campaign literature

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