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Doomwar #6

James Rhodes – I can’t believe you used that moron for something this important.  Who’s your Secretary of State?  Borat?

Shuri – T’Challa — A direct attack against Latveria will start a war, and we’ll look like the aggressors.  Everyone will align against us.


Shuri – Remember your heritage, T’Challa.  Wakanda does not start wars.


Hank Pym – Yeah, well your country’s been involved in one political mess after another, so your credibility is in the crapper.  If they could fire ’em, half the nukes on the planet would be inbound to your doorstep.


Shuri – I want to kill you more than I’ve wanted anything else in my life.  But that is the action of a savage, and I am the ruler of a sovereign nation.  A nation that does not wage illegal wars….

Iron Man: Legacy #5

Secretary General – … next the chair welcomes the Honorable Mr. David, Minister for Foreign Affairs for Grenada, addressing climate change–

Dr. Doom – United Nations.  I am not a member of your laughably impotent organization.  Nor do I recognize its — or any authority — over me.  But I trust the world’s degenerate for-profit news media even less.  So I choose to inform you via one-way sonogram that due to the crush of Romani refugees overwhelming Latveria’s borders… and the countless atrocities perpetrated against my people by the Slav paramilitaries, which you have shamefully turned a blind eye too… Latveria engages in a preemptive invasion of Transia as we speak.  And not long after this message is received… the annexation should be a fait accompli.

General DC