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Doomwar #6

James Rhodes – I can’t believe you used that moron for something this important.  Who’s your Secretary of State?  Borat?

Shuri – T’Challa — A direct attack against Latveria will start a war, and we’ll look like the aggressors.  Everyone will align against us.


Shuri – Remember your heritage, T’Challa.  Wakanda does not start wars.


Hank Pym – Yeah, well your country’s been involved in one political mess after another, so your credibility is in the crapper.  If they could fire ’em, half the nukes on the planet would be inbound to your doorstep.


Shuri – I want to kill you more than I’ve wanted anything else in my life.  But that is the action of a savage, and I am the ruler of a sovereign nation.  A nation that does not wage illegal wars….

Iron Man: Legacy #5

Secretary General – … next the chair welcomes the Honorable Mr. David, Minister for Foreign Affairs for Grenada, addressing climate change–

Dr. Doom – United Nations.  I am not a member of your laughably impotent organization.  Nor do I recognize its — or any authority — over me.  But I trust the world’s degenerate for-profit news media even less.  So I choose to inform you via one-way sonogram that due to the crush of Romani refugees overwhelming Latveria’s borders… and the countless atrocities perpetrated against my people by the Slav paramilitaries, which you have shamefully turned a blind eye too… Latveria engages in a preemptive invasion of Transia as we speak.  And not long after this message is received… the annexation should be a fait accompli.

Choice Quotes

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Each week we bring you politically charged quotes from the previous week’s comics.

Chew #10

Vampire – I’ve nothing to do with your proletariat revolution, little man…

DMZ #52

Liberty News – The longstanding preemptive war policy, commonly called “The Bush Doctrine,” while not originally designed to apply domestically, is now the de facto law of the land… “To defeat them in the purest military sense of the term.” is the soundbite on every pundits lips these recent days.

Iron Man: Legacy #1

Protester – From the same corporate spokes-liars who brought you “clean coal” and “safe nuclear power”… we now have Stark’s “arc reactor”… which some researchers say will create a black hole on Long Island the minute it’s turned on!  Well we say this is America!  We have the greatest energy system in the world!


Tony Stark –  These mean were identified as mercenaries for the Eaglestar Corporation… hired by Americans for Energy Awareness the quote-unquote “grassroots” group that organizes today’s protests… which my investigators have found is funded by big oil lobbyists Matville & Carlin…


Tony Stark – … and we will not be scared away by, uh… phony “astroturf” organizations!

Choice Quotes

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Avengers vs. Atlas #1

Japanese fisherman – We are in compliance with the international whaling commission!  By boarding this ship you are in violation of our laws!

Captain America #602

Teabagger – And don’t forget your briefcase Obama!

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #7

Lady Deadpool – You’re supporting a government that’s appointed itself big brother, stripping away liberties, creating a fascist state “for our own good.”

DMZ #49

From LES: “By removing the nuke and instead using the idea of it as a weapon, Parco’s both commented on the nature of preemption while evoking the legendary ‘missing WMDs’ of wars gone by.”

Choice Quotes

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Deadpool Team-up #897

Deadpool – This is about as fun as a Sarah Palin rally.

Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1

Uranian: Based on transmissions I have listened to, the citizenry seem gripped by xenophobia.  Likely the result of extended world war.  I was asked several times if I was a Soviet or member of the Communist Party.  The jingoism here is strange to me.

Siege #1

Norman Osborn – Asgard is in a position to threaten America and the American way of life.

Hawkeye – So is McDonald’s.  Should we invade that too?

Siege: Embedded #1

Ben Urich – Then one of Chicago’s finest put me in the back of his car.  Said they had a list of which press was allowed into the site.

Will Stern – Go America.  Go freedom of the press.