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Intellectual Property Colloquium Teaches You About Copyright

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Doug Lichtman, Professor of Law at UCLA. Peter Menell, Professor of Law at UC Berkeley and David Nimmer author of Nimmer On Copyright had an interesting discussion about copyright law including comic books.

Copyright law has long recognized in authors an unwaivable right to terminate certain contracts and licensing agreements. A handful of high-profile cases have already called substantial attention to this termination provision, with disputes touching such iconic characters as Superman, Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Lassie, and Winnie the Pooh. In this edition of the IP Colloquium, copyright guru David Nimmer joins UC Berkeley Professor Peter Menell and UCLA Professor Doug Lichtman in an informal conversation about the termination right, its controversies, and the implications for modern copyright practice.

The discussion which you can listen to below covers the history of copyright law including the important the 1976 act that allowed creators to file for termination of copyright deals thirty-five years after creation.  That important act comes into play next year.  We can expect a wave of claims on top of recent cases already filed.

If you have any interest in copyright and it’s impact on our entertainment, this is essential listening.  The Intellectual Colloquium is sponsored by Loeb & Loeb LLC, LECG, Microsoft and Kaufman.

Listen to the discussion here: Intellectual Property Colloquium

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