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Cigar Aficionado Covers Comic Art Collecting

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Mixed in with it’s interview of Sylvester Stallone, coverage of cars, motorcycles, poker and well cigars the latest issue of Cigar Aficionado has an article covering the growing collecting of original comic art.

The article gives a general overview and has a similar tone to those in the 90’s that speculated comic books were the next big thing.  Yes, the prices over the years for original art have increased, and expect them too continue to as comics move to digital production (there is a finite amount of original art), but with some exceptions, I wouldn’t sink your life savings into the market.

We’ll see if these types of articles lead to a speculative bubble much like articles have pumped up the industry in the past.  The article is in the print magazine, so you’ll need to head to a store to pick it up and read it in full.

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