Hal Jordan for Congress

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Hal Jordan is better known to comic fans by his alter ego, Green Lantern.  But did you know when he’s not saving the universe he’s also running for Congress?  Jordan is a Conservative running in the 8th Congressional District in North Carolina.  According to his website:

Hal Jordan is a conservative businessman, family man and political leader who will fight for North Carolina’s conservative values in the Halls of Congress. Hal is pro-life, a member of the NRA and a supporter of traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Hal is running for Congress to help create more good jobs and stop Washington’s out of control tax and spend agenda.

Going by the above here’s the chances of seeing the real life Jordan wielding rings of the various Corps.

Black Lantern – The man is pro life, kind of hard to wield the ring that’s tied so closely to death.

Red Lantern – There’s a possibility Jordan would sling this ring, especially while we’re sure he’s raging against the gays and Washington DC.

Orange Lantern – He doesn’t like DC’s spending of money.  Sounds like an Orange Lantern to me!  Mine!  Mine!  Mine!

Yellow Lantern – He is running on a platform of fear…. hmmm.

Green Lantern – You’ve got to have a lot of will power to work in political campaigns, let alone run for office.

Blue Lantern – While I’m sure he hopes he wins, there’s a passion that doesn’t quite fit with that platform.

Star Sapphire – No love for the gays.  Don’t think he’ll be sporting this ring.

Indigo Tribe – The teleporting ability that comes with this ring would really help on the campaign trail, but I don’t see him fitting in with this hippie tribe.

White Lantern – He is pro life isn’t he?

Democrat Rep. Larry Kissell currently holds the seat.  He won in 2008 with 55% of the vote.

Hal Jordan for Congress