Review – The Darkness/Darkchylde: Kingdom Pain

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I know the Darkness and I’ve seen Darkchylde, but can’t say I’ve ever read a comic featuring the character.  Randy Queen and Sarah Queen present The Darkness/Darkchylde: Kingdom Pain published by Top Cow.  The one shot brings the two characters together to battle an evil that can create anything.

A new armor for Jackie Estacado, the bearer of The Darkness, and a new beginning for Ariel Chylde, the girl who can become creatures from her nightmares! Jackie intercepts a physic plea for help, and frees Ariel from a self imposed, seven-year exile. But what happens when these fan favorite monster makers encounter a new threat that can create anything? Guest starring Witchblade!

The story is in a very interesting style coming from Ariel Chylde’s perspective and relying heavily on her narration.  Darkchylde and the Darkness battle for half the comic and the ending is very interesting.  The art is pretty impressive and that alone makes worth checking out the one shot.

I’m sure there’s a lot I missed and seeing it’s Top Cow I’m positive this one shot will lead to something more.  Check out below for the full review.

Plot: The plot and goings on for newcomers to the Darkchylde character might be a bit confusing.  The story is definitely entertaining but for someone who has no background other than knowing a bit about Jackie Estacado and the Darkness, I couldn’t help but feel there’s something I missed.  Compared to so many other Top Cow comics out there, this one’s a bit too reliant on character history to be totally enjoyable for a newbie.  Rating: 7.5

Art: The art is fantastic and worth checking out.  There’s something both beautiful and twisted about it at the same time.  It has the usual Top Cow feel about it and fits right in with their numerous other artists.  The one shot is definitely worth checking out for at least the artwork.  Rating: 8

Overall: I lean very close to recommending the purchase of this but I can’t help shake the feeling like I’m missing something.  Darkchylde fans I’m sure will appreciate it much more than I did, but I have to write reviews for the general audience and unfortunately this one shot isn’t quite as welcoming as so many other Top Cow series.  But, if you really enjoy Darkchylde I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and probably should pick it up.  For the rest though I think it’s worth the read, if nothing else than to check out the art.  Overall Rating: 7.75

Recommendation: Read

Page count: 48 pages    Price: $4.99     Release: Wednesday 5/26/2010

Top Cow provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.