Review – Female Force: Nancy Pelosi

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NANCY PELOSISpeaker Nancy Pelosi is a political figure that draws out emotions.  You either love her or hate her if you’re interested in politics at all and neither side can deny that she’s made history as the first female Speaker of the House.  And that’s the main focus of the issue.  Interestingly narrated by a Donkey and Elephant Pelosi’s life is chronicled in a humorous way.

We’re given the basics of Pelosi, her influences, family life and how she got into politics.  We’re also given a general feel about her political stances.  The glaring omission is her accomplishments as part of the leadership of the Democratic Party.  While the issue lays it out that the like and dislike of her is mainly associated with your party, there’s many on the far left who’d disagree with that, but I digress.

The biography is general and hits the moments you’d expect it to, and I walked away learning more about the subject.

Plot: Writer Dan Rafter takes a nice path in presenting Pelosi’s life through the use of humor.  Having a Donkey and Elephant debate her merits ads an entertaining aspect that kept me focused.  There’s a bizarre turn with ghosts of Presidents past, but it’s nice to see a deviation from the dry biography you’d expect.  Rating: 7.25

Art: Oski Yañez takes a cartoonish tone but still all of the real people covered are recognizable.  Pelosi looks like her, the others shown are easily identifiable and there’s some great imagery to go along with the humorous writing.  The tone of the writing and art match and make for a good read.  Rating: 7.25

Overall: Along with good background on Nancy Pelosi, the writing is surprisingly funny and entertaining.  It’d be a decent read even if it wasn’t a biography.  While we can debate some of the facts and the different side’s perspectives of the subject, there’s enough there to leave you knowing more than when you went in.  It’s a good place to start to learn more about such a ground breaking individual.  Overall Rating: 7.25

Recommendation: If you’re interested in Pelosi or politics at all, buy

Page count: 24 pages of story    Price: $3.99     Release: Wednesday 5/5/2010

Bluewater Productions provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.