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CBLDFNews This Week: Bone Library Controversy, Supreme Court News, & New BPAL!

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Bone Survives Library Challenge

This week the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan school district has voted 10 to1that the graphic novel series Bone should not be banned in itsschools.  The graphic novel series came under fire earlier this month when parent Ramona DeLay objected to the series’ placement in theschoollibraries because it contains depictions of adults smoking,drinking,and gambling.  Visit for a full overview of the case, including a response from Jeff Smith!

Supreme Court To Decide Whether States Can Regulate Violent Video Games

On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed to review a ruling that the First Amendment bars restrictions on video games with violent themes. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has actively opposed suchrestrictions,including participating in a 2008 friend-of-the-court (akaamicus)brief filed by the Media Coalition, addressing this same case. In hearing this case, the Supreme Court will decide whether or not it will adopt a new constitutional standard that allows states to ban violent content.  Full Story

CBLDF Supporter Auctions on eBay!

Didyou know that you can support the CBLDF on eBay, with just oneeasystep? When listing your next auction, you can give 10% to 100% ofthefinal auction value to the Fund by using eBay Giving Works! The CBLDF has been a recognized charity on eBay since 2007, our nonprofit ID is 19329.Checkout what our supporters are auctioning to benefit the CBLDF byenteringthat ID into your eBay search, or by clicking here: Full Story

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Launches Neverwhere Fragrances!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab continues their extraordinary series of fragrances based on the literary works of Neil Gaiman with Neverwhere, a set of fragrances based on the characters, locations, and ideas found within the popular Neil Gaiman novel!  Full Story!

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