Iron Man: Extremis Motion Comic Is A Hit!

Official Press Release

Iron Man: Extremis Motion Comic Is A Hit!

Fans and critics agree—the Iron Man: Extremis motion comic is a hit! Now you can experience the groundbreaking motion comic, adapting the critically-acclaimed storyline by superstars Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, on iTunes, Xbox LIVE, Microsoft Zune and PlayStation®Network with an extra-sized, nearly 20 minute long debut episode!

“The first episode of Iron Man: Extremis The Motion Comic is a good one… I encourage you to check out Iron Man: Extremis The Motion Comic which allows you to experience that memorable story in an all new way.”—AintItCoolNews.Com

“If you’re a fan of the first Iron Man film and curious about the comics heritage of Tony Stark, this is a great leaping-off point and an easy one to access.”—Geoff Boucher, LA Times/HeroComplex

”Impressive Work”—Rich Sands, TV Guide.Com

Extremis is the strongest outing in motion comics yet in overall production quality, with its nuanced CGI sequences and a powerful musical score, and rivals a lot of dedicated, full-on animation.”—Brian Truitt, USAToday.Com

Iron Man: Extremis is Marvel’s fourth motion comic outing to date and the company’s most impressive offering by far. Purely from a visual perspective, Extremis is worth watching. Using complex CGI technology, Extremis enhances the already stunning artwork of the original comic book, literally allowing Granov’s characters to pop off the page with bright and richly textured colors.”—Rob Frappier, ScreenRant.Com

Don’t miss the first episode of Iron Man: Extremis, on-sale now through iTunes, Xbox LIVE, Microsoft Zune and PlayStation®Network! And don’t miss the thrilling second episode, available for sale on Wednesday, April 28th!

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Please note that Iron Man: Extremis is intended for mature audiences only.