Simpsons Fan? Now’s the Time to Support Craft Village

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A stone bust of Mr. Burns stares at me every day peaking over my television and hanging out with my tiki statue.  A unique addition to my Simpsons memorabilia, the unique soap stone sculpture was purchased from the previously covered Craft Village.

Craft Village is an interesting way to fight poverty that plagues African families and particularly artisans who reside there by allowing them to support themselves through the arts.

Craft Village is a unique Fair Trade business with no religious or political affiliations.

We harness the popularity of animation and film to improve the lives of African artisans and their families.

We are a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Enjoy your visit to our website!

They are now running contests, deals and free shipping to the US, GB and EU.  Along with discounts if you purchase four statues (20%) or all 12 (30%) there’s a scavenger hunt to find a code hidden on the website.  If you find it you’ll be able to get a free statue with your order.

For those that love the Simpsons, busts or supporting a great cause you should definitely check it out.

One comment

  • I work at Fair Trade, and I came across these sculptures, I could get it for 9.50 bucks because I bwas an employee! Now Homer is on my desk smiling at me everyday! Been a fan since I was 9 years old!