Thanks For The Free $25 Amazon

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Amazon is doing their best for making amends for the glitch that occurred Sunday that listed numerous comic book collections for $14.99 and below.  To make up for the glitch and the promise of hundreds of dollars in comics for pennies, Amazon is sending $25 in credit to those affected.  We received this notice yesterday.


We wanted to follow up on a recent message we sent about the cancellation of your recent order.

To recap: Due to a pricing error, we sold many more graphic novels than expected. In fact, we completely sold out — we don’t have any in stock right now, and we’re not sure when we’ll be able to get more.

We’re sorry for any frustration the issue may have caused, and have applied a $25 promotional certificate to your account.

You can use it the next time you order an item shipped and sold by You’ll see your available promotional balance at checkout–this amount will be applied to your next order automatically without entering a claim code.

I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Customer Service

Thanks Amazon for the free $25.