At Least They Care About One Unemployed Fictional Character

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Peter Parker Gets FiredWith millions of Americans out of work, it’s amazing how the news has begun a frenzy that out friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will soon be losing his job.

ABC News, the Associated Press, Star Tribune, CNN, the Miami Herald, and the New York Post are just a few of the reputable news organizations taking the time to cover the news.  It’s even gotten as far as Australia.

ABC is proposed the hard questions surrounding this reflection of real world woes into the comic medium.

  • How will Parker maintain his Spider-Man costumes? Dry-cleaning bills alone must run to several hundred dollars a year.
  • How will he keep buying the stuff he uses to spin those industrial-strength webs needed to hop from building to building? Surely he doesn’t pick that up at the 99 Cents Store.
  • Where is his next meal coming from? Would he be reduced to spinning webs outside supermarkets and trapping shopping carts in them?

Glad they’re asking the hard questions and focusing on real world problems people are having.  I’m sure the millions looking for work care about how Spidey will fix his costume, especially when they are thinking about how they’ll pay the next bills, keep their house, or just put food on the table.  They’re also nice enough to leak the plot that leads up to the unemployment.  It’s called SPOILERS people!  Warn us next time.

I’m glad to see a similar amount of coverage was given to one Senator holding up unemployment extensions for millions.