Entertainment Weekly Giveth and Taketh

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Entertainment Weekly seems to have a love/hate relationship with comic books.  Every few issues they tease those that receive their print magazine with some coverage and a listing of the top selling issues at a random comic store.  This may take up a page or two, clearly filler for a slow week.  But when it comes to comic books turned into movies, those are usually worthy some expanded coverage.

This week Entertainment Weekly receives a Cheer and Jeer from us concerning their comic coverage.

Cheer – Ken Tucker says DMZ is a comic you need to read, a sentiment we agree with.  He says in his blog post he says:

DMZ takes what could have been a trite notion — the idea of “bringing the war home” literally, by turning America into a war zone similar to those in Iraq or Afghanistan– and on the strength of a complex imagination, turns it into a comic book that needs no superheroics, because the heroism is performed by ordinary people you come to care about quickly.

It’s short but highlights a great comic that deserves a huge audience.  Interestingly enough it was Entertainment Weekly’s review of DMZ that got me to return to comics many years ago.

Jeer – In the latest issue (#1091) the magazine gives us a first look as to some of the movies we’ll be seeing this spring.  In a decent placement Kick-Ass is highlighted with a small write up of what we can expect.  However, Entertainment Weekly does the idiotic thing of giving away one of the fun twists of the movie concerning Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character.  Way to ruin a spoiler for those who haven’t read this fun and violent series.  The movie is to be released this April 16.