Friday Fun – FBI Does Archie

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It’s our latest Friday Fun!  There’s many instances of the government directly mandating what should be covered in stories.  J. Edgar Hoover actually wrote anti-mob comic book stories as propaganda in his war on crime.  Here we have an example of one of the numerous anti-drug comics to be released in the 80’s.

We’re dealt with various stories centered around the Archie gang and a peer mentoring program.  The humor of the comic is how it deals with each of it’s tales.  The white girl is shown in a nice home and has a drinking problem.  The black boy lives in the ghetto and is offered crack.  No stereotyping there I see.

But some of the best is it’s gee-whiz attitude that getting some one to go to alcohol treatment or “just say no” is that easy.  Must be nice to live in Pollyanna.

FBI Does ArchieFBI Does Archie

FBI Does ArchieFBI Does ArchieFBI Does Archie

Ah memories, and you can read it in full at

Thanks for and it’s amazing collection of these fantastic nuggets of history.