Panelfly on the iPad


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The iPad has been heralded as potentially saving the print industry.  Everything from books, to newspapers and even comic books have been told the iPad will solve all their ills.  Panelfly has shown off what we can expect their comic book reader will look like.

The application is one of many that allows you to purchase comics digitally. From their website:

On the iPhone, Panelfly revolutionized digital comics with is patent pending narrative navigation engine and offered an unprecedented user experience. Now, without hinderance of the smaller screen, Panelfly will once again change the experience of digital reading forever on the iPad.

With a new library, new store & a new reading experience – Panelfly looks to raise the bar on digital comics and provide users with the functionality and platform needs they’ve been waiting for.

Whether you’re on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad you will be able to enjoy comics whenever, wherever you desire.

Be sure to download Panelfy today and gain access to a comic book library that is growing exponentially.

Are you willing to shell out $500 for a device to read comic books on?  It does look nice, and I’ve enjoyed the free comics on the PSP, but there’s something about tactile touch and the connection you feel with the printed page and the art printed on it.  I can’t experience ink rubbing off on my fingers with an iPad.