Choice Quotes

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Barack the Barbarian #4

Bill – Ha! We’ve got the Elephant cultists on the run, Manny!

Cultist 1 – How could this happen to us?  Shouldn’t they be grateful to us for our fiscal responsibility?

Cultist 2 – Or our superior understanding of global economic and diplomatic finesse?

Cultist 3 – If we can just make it to the warehouse, we can hide under the tea bags!


Barack the Barbarian – It is a goddess!  But how is she also a treasure?  And what exactly… does she want from me?

Hilaria – Her name is Liberty.  And she wants you to re-light her torch.


Barack the Barbarian – She’s right.  A sword might help you win liberty, but it takes more than that to sustain it.

Black Panther #12

News reporter – …calling itself the Desturi have overthrown the government of Wakanda in what is being called a ‘nearly bloodless coup’.  All Ambassadors have been recalled and all foreigners have been ordered out of the country immediately…

Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #3

Aladdin – But even so, Islam is not nearly as restrictive as you in the west might think.  In many ways, we are even more progressive than you.

Cinderella – Tell that to the pair of tourists arrested in Dubai last year for drinking orange juice in public during Ramadan.  Or what about the Afghani women jailed on charges of “illegal sexual relations” after they’d been raped by strangers?

Aladdin – That’s hardly fair.  You’re judging an entire belief system by the actions of a few extremists.