Christian-themed Comics

In an appropriate story for a Sunday, the Chicago Tribune recently covered the launch of a new Christian-themed comic book line by Kentucky brothers Joshua and Jacob Hicks and their comic company Palm Productions.

Palms (Productions) is not your average comic book company,” artist Joshua Hicks said. “We try to be different. I really was tired of the same old plots the mainstream companies were using.

This lead to a Chistian-based story line in the series Force Team Chronicles. The character Gemini is a former super-villain who turns good after a meeting with Jesus Christ.  His main nemesis is General Armageddon.

This isn’t the only Christian-themed project Hicks has in store.  Another project involves a person who uses the internet to deliver sermons.

Christian-themed video games have been a growing niche, we’ll see if the Hicks brothers can recreate that in the comic book market.