Gore, Pelosi Step Into The Spotlight In Two New Comic Book Biogrpahy

Nancy PelosiAl Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, two of the more polarizing figures on the modern political stage, will be the featured subjects of a pair of upcoming issues of Bluewater Productions’ biography comic series.

Political Power: Al Gore Female Force: Nancy Pelosi, both scheduled for release in January, highlight the careers of two influential political figures that are shaping the debate on some of the most important issues of the day.

Gore’s story follows his rise as a privileged Senator’s son to his failed bid for the White House to his ascendancy as a prime mover in the climate change and global warming debate.

“What is fascinating about Al Gore is he is a contrast of opposites,” noted the issue’s author Scott Davis, “He’s a cagey politician, but given to sophomoric exaggerations. He’s the embodiment of Big Government and the idealistic conscience of the country.”

Similarly, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, according to writer Dan Rafter, evokes a “love her or hate her” reaction. “She is arguably the most powerful woman in government.”

Like Gore, Pelosi, who represents California’s 8th district (San Francisco), comes from a political family, which includes two mayors of Baltimore. However, forging her own political fortunes, she has risen through the ranks of the Democratic Party to become the first woman in American history to lead a major party in the U.S. Congress.

“What I find most intriguing about her, though, is the amount of anger she seems to inspire from her critics. In this biography, I was hoping to figure out, at least somewhat, why so many people delight in hating Nancy Pelosi.” Said Rafter.

The issues are illustrated by Aldo Giordanelli Corbellini (Gore) Andrew Yerrakadu (Pelosi) and cover art is provided by Patricio Carbajal and Jim McDermott.

Both the Female Force and Political Power biography comic book series strive to present even-handed stories of prominent individuals responsible for shaping the political and cultural landscape. Both series launched in 2009.