Choice Quotes

Avengers: The Initiative #28

The Hood – Arizona’s out.  Too friendly with the targets. And California’s a bunch of left bleedin’ hearts.  We could try Washington, or Montana…


Victoria Hand – Butterball… what can I say?  He’s a surprise hit.  Middle America loves him.

Norman Osborn – Of course.  He’s fat and stupid.  Just like them.

Dark Reign: The List – X-Men

Victoria Hand – But… Director Osborn– Why?  There’s no strategic or political or military virtue in–

Norman Osborn – Because Namor screwed me over!  So now he gets a message!  Nobody does what he does and gets away clean.  Revenge doesn’t need strategic or military virtue.

Uncanny X-Men #515

Namor – Is this place… a refugee camp?  A reservation?  Are you a hotel, a hostel, a fortress?  Perhaps a compound.  Or a sovereign state…?

Hank McCoy – Or a prison.


Professor X – No jetpack this time?

Cyclops – You want to save the jetpack for big entrances, Charles.  Besides, we’re trying to convince the U.S. we’re not a bigger threat than Castro — We can settle for the unspectacular.