Choice Quotes

Captain America: Reborn #2

Norman Osborn – The only key that isn’t a bullet to the head. I mean.  Not that the man who helped kill Captain America should be expecting anything but an execution.

Crossbones – Right.  Was there some trial I slept through?

Norman Osborn – Trial… now who’s the comedian?  You’re an enemy combatant who committed a terrorist act on domestic soil… No one has even suggested there would ever be a trial.

Dark Reign: Zodiac #2

Zodiac – America the beautiful?  The founding fathers? The constitution? It’s all a scam.


Zodiac – Cause enough chaos in the world and there’s room to do anything.  Now let’s find out just how much room…

War of Kings #6

Crystal – Transforming all species against their will would not have resulted in peace.  Can’t you see that?  We don’t have the right.  It’s a tyranny comparable to Vulcan’s aggression.  Sometimes being a King is about having the strength to make a hard decision.  And sometimes.  It’s about having the strength not to.  You are a King.  My lord… not a God.