Choice Quotes

Captain Britain and MI13 #10

Dr. Doom – A non-aggression treaty.  What do I stand to gain?

Dracula – Your majesty, now that you have regained your kingdom… you would wish to see my people policed, ruled, would you not?  Kept away from your borders?  There is also the matter of Islam.  It will close the gap with the west, on terms of science and super-powered individuals.  Latveria stands on that border, as did my own land.  The realm I would create would do without it.  Serve as a bulwark against it.

Dr. Doom – Spare me your racism, “Count.”  I find it ridiculous in human leaders, because it is an assumption.  But in an artifact, a mystical viral package such as yourself… it’s almost funny.

New Warriors #20

Donyell – An ego too fragile to seek another way to serve others.  A true leader would have found another way.

Dwayne – “Serve”?  People are sheep.  Donyell.  They want to be lef, they want to be told what to do.  With free will comes the burden of responsibility.  And that is a consequence most people cannot handle!

Donyell – You… never gave them a ch-choice… you took away their heroes… their freedom… Created an environment where fear rules as much as any dictator.