Choice Quotes

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #3

Gov’t Agent – I’ll be honest with you, Ms. Frazier, this is not an easy assignment.  It may challenge you in ways a proper southern woman like yourself has never had to consider.  How do you feel about coloreds?

Frazier – Never really though about it.

Gov’t Agent – They’re different than us, Agen Frazier.  Their values, their culture… Had I my druthers I’d rather not expose you to… Let’s just say American comes before personal comfort.


Blue Marvel – I don’t believe it — even here — forty thousand kilometers from Earth —  and the first thing I see is a giant alien white man with an attitude.


the Watcher – I know of a people called the Kree.  They built these ruins on which we stand millenia ago.  Same problems.  Blue skins against pink skins.  Brother versus brother.  All fools… all doomed.  Do not let that happen to this precious world.

Dark Avengers #1

Osborn – My name is Norman Osborn and I approve of these Avengers!!

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

Star Lord – Blastaar sent me in to talk terms.  You in charge?

Jack Flag – No one’s in charge.

Star Lord – But a few of the strongest personalities have floated to the top?

Jack Flag – It’s like living democracy.  It’s a beautiful thing.


Washington, D.C. as it was, swallowed back up by its state now that the White House is gone.  I hate this city.  It’s here that the American dream decided it liked the taste of vomit it was choking on.  Just rolled over on its back and screamed for more drugs.  It didn’t die.

Thunderbolts # 128

President Obama – You see, the things is, Norman, I have misgivings.  Grave misgivings.  You’ve been granted unprecedented powers… More power perhaps, than should rightfully reside in the hands of one man in a Democratic society.

Osborn – With respect, that’s a little rich coming from the so-called leader of the free world.


Ant-man – Just like the man — always tryin’ ta step on the little guy!  I voted for Colbert anyway…