Choice Quotes

Unknown Soldier #1

Lwanga Moses – She looks at us and sees only genocide, child soldiers, AIDs and famine.  Her altruism borders on fetishism.


Reporter – There’s a great deal about national unity in your speeches, doctor, but our borders were drawn under the British Protectorate.  Tribes thrown together.  Long established ethnic boundaries dissolved.  Isn’t the “Nation of Uganda” just a myth?

Lwanga Moses – Intellectualize what Uganda is all you like, Momolu.  We’ve simply no choice but to get along if we’re to find our voice as a nation.


Lwanga Moses – Africans must demand this.  Not Americans, not the E.U., not Asians or Russians or Arabs.  Africans must change Africa, and they must do it without violence.  We, as a people must teach our children that peace is their mother.  Prosperity is their mother.  But will we ever believe that… if we continue to answer violence with violence.