EC Comics Goes Political

It what is shaping up to be one of the more overt political years in comic books, controversial publisher EC Comics has decided to get in on the action.  The publisher of such series as Tales From the Crypt has decided to depict Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin on an issue cover for the series.  Issue #8 shows the candidate wielding a hockey stick asking “Didn’t we get rid of you guys in the 1950s?”

In an interior editorial Cathy Gaines Mifsud writes “Tales from the Crypt is not endorsing any political candidates…nor are we attacking any candidates, but Tales does care about freedom and censorship.”

EC Comics and it’s original publisher William Gaines (who also founded Mad Magazine) are not new to politics.  It was EC’s publishing of horror comics that lead to Senate hearings on the comic book industry and it’s “corrupting” influence on the youth.  You can find out more about that part in American history in the book, The Ten-Cent Plague.