Choice Quotes

The Age of the Sentry #1 – In this retro series, an attempt is made to make the comic feel like it’s from the 50’s.  I guess those comics were filled with sexist remarks.

Scout – ‘Sides, everyone knows gals can’t keep a secret!

And also includes this awesome Public Service Announcement:

Sentry – Let’s be honest.  The opposite sex is tempting.  Nature made us that way.  But holding hands, even in movie theaters, can lead you teenagers into situations you’re simply not ready for.

Air #2

Mrs. Battacharya – I don’t know Beti.  When the maps are redrawn, people seem to get very short memories, na?

DC Universe: Decisions #1

Green Arrow – If I’m going to put my neck on the line for some politician, I’d just as soon it be one I can support — one I’m more simpatico with.


Reporter – Well Davis Brewster has been described by many of his detractors as quote: “A redical left-wingnut.”

Green Arrow – Great men always threaten the status quo.  A man who wants to change the country as much as Davis does is bound to get called a few bad names.

Reporter – Excuse me, but was that just an official endorsement of Davis Brewster for President?

Green Arrow – Now, wait a minute.  Don’t put words in my mouth.  I may admire the man, but —

Reporter – You heard it here first.  For the first time in this reporter’s memory, a major superhero has just expressed admiration, if not full support of a political candidate during an election.


Lois Lane – So I take it Superman won’t be endorsing a particular candidate this year?

Clark Kent – Not likely.  Superman needs to stay above such things.  Meanwhile lowly Clark Kent seems to be keeping mum on his politics as all objective journalists should.

Lois Lane – Come on.  Fess up, big guy.  Who’re you going to vote for this year?  This isn’t reporter Lois talking, this loving wife Lois talking.  You always know who I vote for.

Clark Kent – Only because your stand on the issues never change.

Lois Lane – What can I say?  I’m a product of my upbringing.  I’m proudly for a strong military, small government, low taxes, and maximum individual freedom.

Clark Kent – And I’m proudly for the time-honored tradition of the secret ballot.

Lois Lane – For once I want to know if your vote is canceling out mine.  Please?


Perry White – North Korea will never discontinue their nuclear programs, despite any promises they make in the interim.

Young X-Men #6

Dust – I enjoy talking to you Mr. Pierce.  Your unbridled prejudice and hate, to say nothing of your tragic misunderstanding of Mohammed’s teachings…It reminds me of home.