2008 Democratic Convention – Tuesday

It was a very long day but a lot of fun.  The morning had me helping out at a women’s caucus event.  I saw Rosario Dawson and Eva Longoria who I didn’t recognize with her new haircut up close.  Between the two Rosario wins, absolutely beautiful.  Helps she’s an avoid geek and writes her own comic books.  Tammy Duckworth headlined the event.

For lunch I headed over to the Denver Art Museum for some event, got a nice tote bag.  About mid afternoon I went the the Mark Warner party which was so packed that they had to take over bars next door.  Saw Harold Ford Jr. there who is a big Warner supporter and was at our Fall Retreat back in the day.

After that I headed back to the Crown hotel and gave up my pass for the night to just relax and watch the convention from the hotel bar and relax knowing I had an amazing night ahead.  So….

The night was all about one man, John Legend.  He headlined the DLC event at the Beta Nightclub.  Played for an hour and you’ll see by the photos the man was about two feet from me.  I got there early and planted my feet.  Met two nice women from Tennessee name Matia and Priscilla.  I knew Matia was going to get pulled up on stage to dance which is what the video is.  It was as great as I thought it would be and I was whipped up the rest of the night from the show.  John Legend is hands down my favorite artist and the man is just amazing live.

After we headed to our Late Night with Brian Moran party which I was able to skip out of to see John Legend.  Spent the rest of the night with the staff bonding.