2008 Democratic Convention – Monday

So I spent the day hanging around Denver, walking around with my friend Andrew. We decided to try to get into the CNN headquarters but were stopped at the security gates. But stopped to have a great lunch with Kathy Lash. We kept walking and I saw the former chairman of the Erie County Democratic Part Steve PIdgeon (really random since I last saw him at the 2004 Dem Convention). We also saw Paul Begala. We decided to head back up 16th Street to check out the protests and people spot.

We met with the crew at the Crown Plaza Hotel at which point we all got credentials to get in to the convention hall. Out of the elevator came a man dressed as Captain Morgan to promote his candidacy for President (some photos taken from my friend Dave will be coming). I took the guest pass which allowed me to wander the upper hallways but not sit down. Which was great because I saw Gov. Warner with Bill Maher (who I shook his hand) and hung out with Gov. Tim Kaine who insisted I join him at the Virginia party (how can I say no to my Governor). I also saw former Gov. Gray Davis and hung with my friend Sarah. I did get to watch the convention on flat screens set up around the convention center.

After the convention we went to the DGA party at a close amusement park and enjoyed the cotton candy, bbq, ice creamand ferris wheel. I met Governor Schweitzer who complimented me on my nice shirt, jeans, and clean white sneakers (very close to his own style). After we headed to the VA’s party where I met Sir Charles Barkley who took a photo with me and when I said “thank you” he then hit me in the arm and said “it’s all good.”

Some video will be posted up later of the protests.

Only every 4 years….

Photo set 1 – Pre-Convention Hall:


Photo set 2 – Convention Hall and post: