So much going on, and two little fun things.

Well, sorry for the lack of updates for the last week and a half or so. I’m in the hospital and just got internet access, so now I have tons of time on my hands for posts. Here’s what I owe for the future:

Hellboy II and the Dark Knight reviews – These will come when I get out to see the movies. Both have gotten great reviews from friends and I can’t wait to see them. These won’t come until the end of next week the earliest, sigh….

Persepolis Review – Watched the movie this past Saturday and have much to say, but I’ll leave that for the blog post.

Comic reviews – As soon as I’m sprung from the hospital I’m heading to the comic shop, sad I know. I’ll have two or three weeks worth of build up to get to.

But here’s two items to tie you over until then.

First! DCist (a great local DC blog) is covering someone’s trip across the country as he stops at comic shops. I always wanted to try this and can’t wait to read all of the updates. Some of my most fun memories is scavenging for comics or games on trips to Toronto, Rochester, or local shows when I lived in Buffalo. Such fun times. You can read the article here.

Second! So, sitting in a hospital with no internet connection until now (thank you coworkers!) you watch a lot of tv. The Daily Show last night had Jon Stewart interviewing one of the stars of the Dark Knight where he attempts to get into his comic reading habit.  You can check out the video here (sorry catching up on a lot and don’t have time to post the embed).