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ShiftyLook Premiers Galaga From Ryan North, Christopher Hastings, & Anthony Clark!

During one of its recent livestreams, ShiftyLook announced a webcomic adaptation of Galaga, written by a giant cardboard cutout of Ryan North, illustrated by Christopher Hastings and colored by Anthony Clark. Good news everyone! ShiftyLook has since secured the real, live Ryan North and the new Galaga webcomic has just launched today on ShiftyLook.com!

Based on the retro arcade classic from NAMCO BANDAI Games, Galaga delves into the lives of Penelope and Betty as they do what gamers do best: protect the earth from alien invaders! Galaga is the latest in ShiftyLook’s ever-growing line of retro games-turned-webcomics. Ryan, Chris and Anthony join the ranks of the ever-growing line of creative superstars working with ShiftyLook, including Alex Culang and Raynato Castro, Scott Kurtz and many more.

Galaga updates twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, exclusively on ShiftyLook.com!

welcome to Galaga

ShiftyLook Premiers New Web-Comic Based on NAMCO’s Retro Video Game Series, Wagan Land!

The holidays are almost over and, while most of you may be finished opening your gifts this year, ShiftyLook has one more in store for you: the premier of their latest ShiftyLook web-comic, Wagan Land!

Based on the classic Namco platformer, Wagan Land follows the adventures of the mechanical dinosaur Wagan as he attempts to thwart the evil schemes and puzzles of Dr.Devil. Much like Bravoman this long-running game series has remained a Japanese exclusive to this day, making ShiftyLook’s comic Wagan Land’s official international debut!

Fittingly, the series will feature the hilarious writing of Bravoman‘s Matt Moylan, and will also mark the official ShiftyLook debut of Udon artist Rob “Robaato” Porter! To catch more of his work, be sure to check out Rob’s DeviantArt and Tumblr. You can also keep up with Matt (@Lilformers) and Rob (@RobaatoX) on Twitter.

Wagan Land updates twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, exclusively on ShiftyLook.com! Head over to www.shiftylook.com/comics/wagan-land to check out the first few strips along with some history on the series, and while you’re there read all our other comics based on retro games, absolutely free and exclusively at ShiftyLook.com!

WL001_Welcome-To-Wagan-Land WaganLand Wagan-Concept-Pack

Scott Kurtz + Wizards of the Coast = Table Titans!

Eisner and Harvey award-winning cartoonist Scott Kurtz, the creator of PvPonline.com, is mining his many years spent both in front of and behind a D&D Dungeon Master’s screen to bring us his brand new comic series, Table Titans.

Table Titans follows the real and imagined adventures of three friends, Andrew, Alan, and Valeria, in their struggle to become the world’s most legendary D&D gaming group. Cartoonist Scott Kurtz is teaming up with Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast to make Table Titans the only comic on the web that features official D&D products built right into the storyline.

The plan is to also to premier the Table Titans Mines of Madness D&D Next adventure at PAX East 2013. The adventure, inspired by the original PVP storyline, is written by Chris Perkins and illustrated by Scott Kurtz. It will be the feature game in the D&D DM’s Challenge taking place on March 23, which Scott himself will oversee.  Just after PAX East, the adventure will be made available as part of the D&D Next playtest materials.

Table Titans will launch on January 28th 2013 at tabletitans.com. The strip will be published free online at TableTitans.com as a series of adventures, each running a set number of months followed by a print and ebook publication. It will also culminate in two new published adventure books per year. Go to tabletitans.com now to register for the monthly newsletter, submit your own tale from the table, and get ready to join Val, Andrew, and Alan in their quest to become the world’s most legendary D&D gaming group!


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New York Comic Con kicks off tomorrow. Can’t wait, we’ll be there in full force.

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Fantagraphics to publish Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree

Hip Hop Family Tree panel

What started out as a web comic Ed Piskor‘s Hip Hop Family Tree traces the foundation of hip hop from its Bronx origins with DJ Kool Herc and DJ Hollywood through Doug E. Fresh, Run DMC and beyond in four color fury. The comic easily transitions from depictions of live shows to breaking in the streets to the foundation of record companies, eager to spread the music. Currently published weekly at the epicenter of cool, Boing Boing, Piskor’s work will be collected and printed by Fantagraphics next year.

The full-color book will be around 112 pages, collecting the first year’s worth of comic strips spanning 1975-1980. As a beautiful backup to Piskor’s story, ten beat-friendly cartoonists are providing pin-ups of their favorite hip hop artists and rappers. The overarching theme of comics delving deep into music culture make Hip Hop Family Tree and Ed Piskor make a happy addition to works of cartoonists like Peter Bagge, R. Crumb, Joe Sacco, Mary Fleener, the Hernandez Brothers and authors like Pat Thomas, Jacob McMurray and Kevin Avery.

Hip Hop Family Tree Title

Piskor is best known for his works like self-published and then Top Shelf published hacker comic, Wizzywig. Piskor also worked with late, great Harvey Pekar in the collection, The Beats. Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds said, “Hip Hop Family Tree is not only a great read, it’s a wonderful visual history of the important genre of music of the past 30 years. We’re excited to publish it.” After all the paperwork was signed Piskor said, “While working on the this project, I began to feel like the belle at the ball, in a matter of speaking, because lots of different publishers started getting in touch. They had certain ideas that would have required compromise. Fantagraphics is one of the only publishers I personally sought out, because I thought they might facilitate my exact vision, and it feels like I was right. Basically, I’m a huge brat and I want what I want, and Fantagraphics is down for the cause.”

You can see Piskor and Fantagraphics this weekend at SPX and keep your eyes and ears open for more jammin’ comics by Ed Piskor. Start clearing away space now next to your turn table for Hip Hop Family Tree.

Hip Hop Family tree green panel

Katamari Webcomic Rolls Into ShiftyLook and NYCC 2012 Plans!

The video game Katamari is rolling on ShiftyLook in the form of a webcomic!  The team of Alex Culang and Raynato Castro will write and illustrate the brand-new whimsical adventures of the Prince and his friends. Namco Bandai Games Inc. made the announcement today and the new comic will be called simply Katamari and will be updated on Mondays and Wednesdays starting September 17, 2012. Katamari and many other hit webcomics like Wonder Momo can be read free on http://shiftylook.com.

To celebrate the launch of Katamari, ShiftyLook will be hosting Alex Culang and Raynato Castro at the ShiftyLook Freeplay Arcade during New York Comic-Con, October 11-14, 2012. The duo will be debuting an exclusive Katamari t-shirt at the ShiftyLook Freeplay Arcade store in addition to participating in many events including the ShiftyLook Meet & Greet, a Katamari panel, an autograph session, an exclusive poster giveaway, and much more.

Alex and Raynato will join other ShiftyLook creators and New York Comic-Con guests at the ShfityLook Freeplay Arcade including: Rob Paulsen
(Animaniacs, Bravoman), Christopher Hastings (The Adventures of Dr. McNinja), Anthony Clark (Nedroid), Cardboard Cutout Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics), Team Wonder Momo‘s Jim Zub, Erik Ko and Omar Dogan and Team Bravoman‘s Matt Moylan and Dax Gordine. A full schedule of events at the ShiftyLook Freeplay Arcade during New York Comic-Con 2012 is available and updated regularly at http://shiftylook.com.

The Adventures of Simone and Ajax Come to Baltimore Comic-Con 2012

Simon & Ajax Baltimore 2012 printThe Adventures of Simone & Ajax, the Harvey Award-nominated strip by Eisner-winner Andrew Pepoy, returned this week as a weekly webstrip at www.simoneandajax.com, and this week Pepoy will be attending the Baltimore Comic-Con on the 8th and 9th. To celebrate both, Andrew is producing a new, limited-edition, signed-and-numbered Simone & Ajax print exclusive to the Baltimore Comic-Con. Limited to only 100 copies, be sure to stop by Andrew’s table in Artists Alley to get this print. And if all 100 copies are sold at the convention, Andrew will donate 20% of the proceeds to The Hero Initiative.

Andrew’s Simone & Ajax are also appearing in a pin-up alongside the Liberty Meadows gang in the limited-edition Liberty Meadows 15th Anniversary book that will be available at the Con. The original art for many of the pin-ups in this book will be auctioned off at the Con, and while Andrew has done Simone & Ajax sketches for fans, Andrew’s pin-up is the first finished piece of Simone & Ajax art to ever be sold, so if you are a big fan of Simone & Ajax, this is a rare opportunity. Also, Andrew will donate his half of the sale price to The Hero Initiative, so the buyer will be supporting both the Baltimore Comic-Con and THI.

The Adventures of Simone & Ajax features the wacky adventures of a girl and her dinosaur pal, have appeared since 1994 in various indie anthologies and their own title, and have been serialized in chapter-form online and collected into book form by IDW. In 2010, they were honored to have been nominated for the Harvey Award for “Special Award for Humor in Comics.” With this new, weekly webstrip, Andrew looks forward to bringing the dauntless duo back to their past readers and, hopefully, introduce them to many new readers.

SubCulture Webstrip to End in October

Kevin Freeman and Stan Yan, the creative team behind the critically-acclaimed webcomic SubCulture, have decided to end production of the comic with Strip #501, which is scheduled to post on October 11, 2012.  SubCulture began as a four-issue comic book mini-series published by Ape Entertainment in 2007, and continued as a webcomic beginning in February 2008, where it updates twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

SubCulture is a critical yet funny look at geek culture, poking satirical fun at everything from comic books to video games to role playing, from Star Trek to Star Wars, while still being endearing to all of these endeavors.

“Stan [Yan] and I both decided that all good things must come to an end,” said writer Freeman.  “We’ve had a great run, but both of us have other projects and endeavors that we want to pursue, some of which you will be hearing about very soon.”

Yan noted that the duo still has plans to publish Volume Four of the webcomics in trade paperback form, which would complete the run.  The volume will be twice the size of the previous three volumes.  There is also talk on creating an “omnibus” edition that would collect not only the complete webcomic run, but also include the original comic book series.

Both creators wanted to let everyone know that the website will remain online, and that the blog section will be updated from time to time with news related to both the webcomic and the creators.

“This doesn’t necessarily mean that there will never be another SubCulture story,” Freeman added.  “There are lots of stories yet to tell, and we are certainly open to the idea of starting again if the demand warrents it.  Fornow, however, we want to try other things and work on other projects.  But SubCulture is always in the back of our minds.”

You can read all 490 in-print webstrips, plus follow the last twelve, at http://www.subculturecomic.com.


From Chris Miskiewicz and Dean Haspiel comes this pretty straightforward webcomic on Act-i-vate.

You should head to the site to catch the explanation of the strip.

(via The Beat)

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