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Cyberpunk and Dark Magic collide in Hexware

Tim Seeley and Zulema Scotto Lavina join forces for the forthcoming Hexware. This futuristic six issue miniseries is set to launch in December from Image Comics, in cooperation with the Italian media company and creative atelier Arancia Studio—house of Mirka Andolfo’s bestselling Image titles, other international books, and IP.

Hexware is a thrilling new story—with an anime flair—where Cyberpunk 2077 gets drenched in the supernatural and goes full-throttle Devil May Cry.

In a corporate-ruled world where class inequality is greater than ever, a desperate, lonely populace is drawn to neo-spiritualism and hedge magic. When her teenage daughter is murdered, the Marks family is left asking the gods what they did to deserve this. But their android maid, Which-Where, has a different approach. Perhaps if she asked the Devil…

Hexware #1 will be available on Wednesday, December 7 at comic book shops, with a cover illustrated by Lavina, a variant cover illustrated by Seeley, and a special variant cover from fan-favorite artist Mirka Andolfo.

Hexware #1 will also be available and across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play:

  • Cover A Lavina – OCT220021
  • Cover B Seeley – OCT220022
  • Cover C Andolfo – OCT220023