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Preview – Zed: A Cosmic Tale

Zed: A Cosmic Tale

By: Michel Gagné
Price: $19.99

When a cute little alien named ZED demonstrates his invention to the Hierarchy of the Galaxy, something goes wrong – terribly wrong! Before long, ZED’s universe is thrown into complete turmoil and our little hero must face nearly insurmountable odds trying to survive and save the very fate of his home world.

Imbued with a dark edge, peppered with pure silliness, and wrapped up in a childlike sense of wonder, ZED’s adventures will keep readers tickled and captivated from start to finish.

Originally published in comic book form over a period of eleven years, ZED has been completely revised and remastered for this definitive edition.


Zed: A Cosmic Tale Flies into Stores in January

This January, you can get your hands on Image ComicsZed: A Cosmic Tale from multi-media artist Michel Gagné. Zed, a cute, silly, yet epic science-fiction series, was self-published over a period of eleven years starting in 2001. The new collection of the series features art and writing that has been revised and reworked by Gagné.

The first issue of Zed was self-published in July 2001 and the series concluded with issue 10, published in January 2012. Unfolding over the issues is the story of a cute young alien whose invention makes him the target of a galactic villain. Facing seemingly insurmountable odds, Zed must find the courage to save his home world from destruction.

Doing a comic series after hours, single-handedly, proved to be a more difficult task than Gagné first anticipated. “I planned to tell my tale over a period of ten issues and felt pretty confident, at the time, that I could have the whole thing wrapped up and published within a couple of years,” said Gagné. “Little did I know that it would take me eleven years to finally bring the series to fruition. ZED is, first and foremost, a labor of love which I created at my own pace. The comic series became a way for me to build my graphic novel.”

Zed reflects Gagné’s deep love for golden age science fiction and oddball cartooning. It is influenced by his favorite books and movies, as well as political news, rock concerts and things he has experienced and witnessed throughout his life. With the series wrapped up, Gagné combined all ten issues into a single graphic novel that reads as one uninterrupted story. Because of the time span it took to get the series done, Gagné felt that the writing and art style needed a second pass to make them more consistent.

Zed: A Cosmic Tale will be in stores on January 30, 2013. It is available for pre-order now from the December issue of Previews.

Find out more about Zed: A Cosmic Tale at www.ZEDcomics.com.

Zed: A Cosmic Tale
By: Michel Gagné
Price: $19.99
Diamond ID: DEC120506
ISBN: 978-1-60706-668-2