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Preview: Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers


By: Zac Gorman

Hot on the heels of the freshly announced video game Costume Quest 2, Oni Press presents an adorable Halloween-themed graphic novel from Double Fine Productions (Broken Age, Psychonauts) and comics superstar Zac Gorman (Magical Game Time)! Klem and his pals aren’t the most popular Grubbins in candy-starved Repugia, but Klem’s hoping that will change once he brings a hoard of candy back from the human world. After all, it’s Halloween, so there’s candy everywhere! Unfortunately, there’re also bullies everywhere, ready to steal all of Klem’s sweet, sweet loot. Will he and his friends make it out alive, or are they doomed to an eternity of sugar-free torment?


Double Fine and Oni Press Team Up with Zac Gorman to Bring Costume Quest to Comics!

Halloween is awesome. It’s pretty much the apex of human achievement and that’s science, buddy.  It can’t be disproven, so don’t even try.

But let’s face facts. Humanity isn’t content to rest on its collective duff. We crave accomplishment, we settle for nothing less than domination, and we demand to be apex predators in every possible arena.  Halloween might be the best thing we’ve ever done, but we can rebuild it, we can make it cooler, we have the candy.

That’s why when Double Fine Productions released Costume Quest in 2010, gamers and fans of radness the world over lost their minds. Not only had the sugar-fueled exhilaration of Halloween been captured in a game that could be played all year long, but the stakes had been raised and the true wishes that fuel every October 31st were finally realized.

In Costume Quest, a night of capricious gallivanting transformed into an epic, heroic mission; and earnest, handmade costumes became super-powered alter egos, catapulting intrepid trick-or-treaters into a magical world. Now Double Fine is returning to that world with Costume Quest 2, and Oni Press is bringing daring trick-or-treaters even deeper with Zac Gorman’s Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers!

Invasion of the Candy Snatchers tells the story of Klem, a misunderstood misfit member of the menacing Grubbins from the first game. While his fellow Grubbins live to snatch trick-or-treaters from our world, Klem is an adorable outcast who only cares about one thing: CANDY! Will Klem be able to make his way amongst the Grubbins while staying true to his sugar-loving soul? There’s only one way to find out!

Rather than being a blatant grab for more of fans’ hard-earned dough, Invasion is a lush, deluxe, oversized hardcover that tells a story from the Costume Quest world that isn’t seen in the games, expanding the overall experience through Zac’s incredible comics. As anyone who’s read Magical Game Time and played any of Double Fine’s collection of amazing games can attest, this is a real chocolate and peanut butter situation, folks.

That’s science, too.  Look it up.

Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers will hit stores this October, in time for Halloween and the release of Costume Quest 2!

With an arsenal like that, every other holiday is gonna be super bummed out.

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