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New Life Explores an Unexpected Pregnancy and We Have an Exclusive Look

The unexpected news that you’ll be a father is both exciting and nerve wracking. A little over a year ago, I found out the news myself and in August I welcomed by daughter, Natalie, to this world (you might have seen her reviews). Approaching 40, I’ve been nervous and happy at the same time. I’m excited that I get to raise what I’m sure will be an awesome person, and one that already is. Nervous in that I’m approaching 40 (less than three months! woo hoo!) and it feels a bit on the later end for this experience.

Though I’m not middle aged like the main character in the upcoming graphic novel New Life, the story is intriguing to me. The the character is about a decade older than I was when I got the news, and I’m excited to read it and see what similar experiences, and thoughts, it might.

New Life by writer Xavier Bétaucourt and artist Yannick Marchat is an emotional story of a middle aged man who falls in love and discovers that he is quite unexpectedly and quite definitely going to be father (again).

Being published by Humanoids‘ imprint Drawn Life, New Life comes to shelves January 22.

Here’s the full solicit text… 

With his son grown and his marriage dissolving, Xavier, a 48-year old writer, finds himself deep in the heart of a mid-life crisis. Setting out on his own, he finds emotional freedom and true independence. When he meets Leah, a young and vibrant artist, he rediscovers the beauty of unexpected love. Together they set out to lead a life of spontaneity and youthful adventure. When Leah becomes pregnant, Xavier quickly realizes that his life has indeed started over, just not in the way he expected. Overwhelmed with anxiety, Xavier questions his choices. Can he father a child at this stage of life? Can he and Leah hold onto their passion? He’s back at square one.

Check out this exclusive preview of the upcoming graphic novel out next week!

New Life